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Jon Timeline Pic 2016 250 x 278In late April, All-In-One made a rare change in leadership. After more than two decades as president of the company, Adele Dressner passed the baton to me, her nephew Jon. I’m grateful to Adele and thrilled for the opportunity to lead a company that has been in my family for 102 years. Yes, that’s not a typo. All-In-One was founded in 1914 by my great uncle Herman. In case you’re curious, at that time Woodrow Wilson was president and the invention of the television was still more than a decade away.

Well, much as changed since then. But one thing that hasn’t is All-In-One’s commitment to our customers. Our goal is to be the very best store fixture and display company in the garment district and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing world-class service. Let me give some examples of what that means:


Jiffy Pic 350 x 301If you’re a fashion retailer or wholesaler, a good apparel steamer is a necessity. But what kind of steamer should you buy?

First, you need to understand that not all steamers are the same. There are varying degrees of quality, steam flow, features, etc. You pay good money for a steamer, so you want to get your money’s worth. For that reason, All-In-One only offers the “Cadillac” of steamers, Jiffy brand steamers. Jiffy steamers are built to last, as evidenced by the fact that we hardly ever receive complaints from customers.

If you’re going to purchase a Jiffy steamer, the next thing to decide is whether to buy a J2000 or a J4000 Model.

Grid Display 290 x 290If you’ve been contemplating new ways to show merchandise in your store or showroom, why not turn to an age-old solution: gridwall panels. Grids have been around a long time, but remain one of the most popular, flexible and cost effective ways to display merchandise.

Gridwall 101Grid panels typically come in three finishes: chrome, black and white. The panels that All-In-One offer come in a variety of sizes (e.g., 2 feet x 6 feet, 4 feet x 4 feet, etc.) with the individual grid squares measuring 3” x 3”. There are two main ways that grids can be used:

Non Woven Bag Blog Image 370  x 220For decades and decades, if you needed zippered garment bags there was only one show in town – vinyl garment bags. We should know because we’ve been selling them for roughly 80 years!

There’s a lot to like about vinyl garment bags. Ours are made of 3-gauge vinyl and are quite durable. They come in 3 standard lengths – 36”, 54” and 72” – and are available in a wide variety of colors. Because they’re made of plastic, they’re 100% waterproof. And importantly, the price is right. Vinyl remains the most affordable option for high-quality zippered garment bags.

While vinyl bags remain All-In-One’s most popular bags, they’re no longer the only “show in town.”

Custom Graphic 320 x 254So you like our bracelet tube, but wish it came in a different height or in a finish other than black velvet or white pleather. Or maybe you love our adjustable hook stand, but the chrome finish won’t look good in your store or showroom.

Well, you’re in luck. All-In-One routinely creates custom displayers for its customers. We have relationships with fabricators who can transform an ordinary displayer into a custom piece that meets your precise tastes and specifications.