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Free Store and Showroom Consultations….Yes, We Said Free!

Free Consultation picAre you opening a new store or moving to a new location? Does your store or showroom need a makeover? Are you in search of new ways to showcase your merchandise and drive sales?

Well, you’re in luck. All-In-One will be happy to visit your store or showroom, measure your space, and provide suggestions on how to get the most of out your showspace and/or storage areas. Best of all, we’ll do this for a very reasonable price…free! We’ll go anywhere in Manhattan for free. If you’re located elsewhere in the NYC metro area, we’ll go there too...for a nominal fee to cover our travel expenses.

During our visits, the most common requests are for hanging and shelving solutions. We offer our customers a wide variety of options, from “stock” solutions like our Pipeline, Pipe Rack, Alta or Opto systems to custom-fabricated units that can be made from just about any type of material (e.g., wood, metal, etc). When it comes to custom fabrication, if you can imagine it we can help build it.

We routinely work with our customers’ architects and general contractors. Sometimes, your general contractor will have lots of experience installing hanging and shelving systems, and you made not need us. But many times, they prefer to do everything but the fixtures and leave that to a company like ours. We work with installers who have decades of experience installing hanging and shelving systems.

Once your space is completed, we’ll be happy to provide advice and assist you with your everyday store or showroom needs….things like hangers, garment bags, mannequins, body forms, shopping bags, accessory displayers, etc.  We do our best to live up to the “All-In-One” name.

Our free site visits are a good example of what sets All-In-One apart from a lot of the competition. Unlike many of our dot-com competitors, many of whom are located in far and distant lands, we’re in your backyard (assuming that you’re in the NYC metro area, where most of our customers are located). When something isn’t quite right with something you purchase, you don’t have to call an anonymous call center in the Midwest and hope that someone helpful will pick up the phone. You can call us, or even walk on over to our storefront location at 35th Street in Manhattan. And when you need us to come to you, we’re happy to do that too.