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Invisible Fixturing with All-In-One's Cable-Mounted Shelving & Hanging System


Blog pic 1 580 x 450A beautiful fixture can be a beautiful thing. It can provide a picture-perfect frame from which to showcase your merchandise. However, there are times when you want your fixtures to fade from sight, allowing your customers to focus entirely on your beautiful merchandise. For those occasions, we’ve got the perfect solution. It’s what we call “invisible fixturing,” and it can be achieved using our cable-mounted glass shelving system.

The system in the picture at right is great example of what we’re referring to. The floor-to-ceiling cables are barely noticeable. Same goes for the glass shelves. All you see are handbags and shoes, which essentially “float” in front of the wall.


blog pic 2 580 x 400At right is another picture of the same showspace. In this picture you can see how the handbags “float” in the center of the room.

Our cable system is particularly useful around windows and other areas where you can’t mount a fixturing system to the wall. When you use our cable system in front of window, it lets light to shine into your store or showroom, while still allowing you to gain valuable showspace for your merchandise.

Our cable system can also be used for hanging purposes. Using the same floor-to-ceiling mounted cables, you can mount chrome-plated hangbars virtually anywhere in your store or showroom. Below is an example of what a hanging unit looks like.

Cable Hangbar ExampleOne important thing to note about the system. You’re going to need a good ceiling to attach the cables to. Concrete or brick ceilings are ideal. If you have a dropped sheetrock ceiling, you might have to open it up put blocking (e.g., 2” by 4” wood supports) in the ceiling in order to properly anchor the system. 

If you’re interested in using this system in your store or showroom, give us a call and we’d be happy to come by for a free site visit where we’ll measure your space and provide you with a recommendation/quote.