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The Next Big Thing: Rubber-Coated Hangers

Rubber hanger blog post collage 280 x 220What do the following items have in common: Tires, erasers, gloves, galoshes and duckies? That’s right. They’re all made of rubber. Well, now you can add another everyday item to the list of rubberized products: hangers! Suddenly, rubber-coated hangers are all the rage.

The truth is, rubber-coated hangers have been around for some time now. However, only recently have they started to become popular. Over the past year or so, we’ve noticed a big uptick in sales of rubber-coated hangers. As they’ve grown in popularity, manufacturers have begun to offer them in more varieties. All-In-One now offers rubber-coated top hangers, skirt hangers, coat hangers, suit hangers with a pant bar, and suit hangers with clips. Rubber-coated hangers are also available in more finishes than ever before. You can now get them in black, white, natural wood grain and walnut.

 So what exactly is a rubber-coated hanger? Typically, it’s a wood hanger that’s coated in rubber. Some manufacturers will also coat plastic hangers. The main reason for their popularity is the “friction factor.” A regular wood hanger has a smooth finish, and garments can slide off the hanger if you don’t add grippers or other non-slip attachments. With a rubber-coated hanger, the coating will gently grab your garment to prevent slippage. Another reason for their popularity is the “cool factor.” For whatever reason, rubber is suddenly the “in” thing. Just keep mind that there’s a price to be paid for having the “in” look. Rubber-coated hangers cost more than wood hangers because of the expense of the coating process. Another nice thing about rubber-coated hangers is that you can print on them. Special paint is required for printing on rubber, so your color choices are typically limited to black, white and silver.

If you stop by our store at 35th Street, we’ll be happy to show you samples of the various rubber-coated hangers we offer, including printed hangers. They’re definitely worth considering.