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Plastic or Wood. That is the Question.

Wood PlasticA new fashion season is approaching or a new line is about to arrive. And you've got a decision to make. Should I hang these clothes on plastic or wood hangers? It's a question that many of our customers wrestle with all the time. To help you figure out what makes the most sense for your store or showroom, here are some pros and cons.

Let's start with some of the things we love about plastic hangers. They have a nice clean look, whether you go with clear or black plastic (BTW, white plastic hangers will yellow over time...we don't recommend them).

Plastic hangers are generally a bit thinner than wood hangers, allowing you to show more garments on your racks or hang bars. Because plastic hangers can be a bit "plain Jane" from an aesthetic standpoint, they're unlikely to draw attention away from your merchandise and that can be a good thing. And lastly, plastic hangers are generally quite affordable. Wood will almost always be more expensive.

With so many reasons to love plastic hangers, why in the world would anyone buy wood hangers? Let's begin with strength. Plastic hangers, even high-quality ones, have a tendency to break over time. Wood hangers are much stronger, so you won't have to replace them as often. Aesthetically, wood hangers are better looking and give you many more color options. Natural, black, white, walnut, mahogany and espresso are probably the most popular colors, in that order. Want a glossy or matte finish? No problem. How about satin chrome or raw steel clips or hooks? Again, no problem. It's also very easy to have your company name/logo imprinted on wood hangers. You can print on certain plastic hangers too, but those tend to be the pricier plastic hangers.

So what's it going to be...plastic or wood? Like with so many questions, the answer is the same: It depends!