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Use Telescope Cases to Roll to Success

Salesperson Telescope CasesOn any given day in the Garment District, you can see clothiers walking down the street with hard-plastic rolling cases at their side. Perhaps they’re wheeling their way to a trade show or a meeting with a buyer. Wherever they’re headed, one thing’s for sure. Their cases are probably packed with a whole lot of merchandise.

Alternatively called Rolling Cases or Trunks, Telescope Cases have been a mainstay in the fashion industry for decades. At All-In-One, we often refer to them as Telescope Cases because, like a telescope, the cases expand and contract (up to 50% expansion). If you need to bring a large line of clothing to a meeting or trade show, you can loosen the straps and fill your case to the brim. If you return from the meeting with fewer items than you came with, you can tighten the straps to prevent your garments from moving around inside the case and getting wrinkled or damaged.


Another great feature of our Telescope Cases is that they are made of molded hi-molecular weight polyethylene. That’s a fancy way of saying that they have a hard plastic shell to protect your garments. The plastic is waterproof. And in the case of our high-end case, the so-called “Heavy Weight Champ” (Style No. TC500), it is cold resistant up to 30 degrees below zero. The wheels we put on the cases are the highest-quality. They roll super-smoothly and are extremely durable.

We offer 2 main styles of Telescope Cases. The aforementioned “Heavy Weight Champ” has a thicker shell than the other case we offer. The 40” tall “Heavy Weight Champ” weighs 29 lbs. Our most popular case is the slightly less expensive "Salesman's Rolling Protective Telescope Case." The 40” version weighs in at 25 lbs. These popular cases are available in three standard heights: 40” (Style No. 27640), 36” (Style No. 27636) and 32” (Style No 276331910). We refer to the 32” model as our “airline ready” case because there’s a chance that you won’t get hit with baggage surcharges when you check-in for a flight. However, because the cases are not considered “traditional luggage” and they typically exceed airline weight limits when stuffed with garments, you should expect to pay luggage surcharges when traveling with any telescope case.

Need one more reason to buy a Telescope Case from All-In-One? All of our cases are fabricated right here in New York City and feature good old American craftsmanship. On our website, you can check out the standard-size cases we offer. If you require a different size case, chances are that our local fabricator can create a custom-sized case to meet your specific needs.