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Get the Most Out of Grids!

Grid Display 290 x 290If you’ve been contemplating new ways to show merchandise in your store or showroom, why not turn to an age-old solution: gridwall panels. Grids have been around a long time, but remain one of the most popular, flexible and cost effective ways to display merchandise.

Gridwall 101Grid panels typically come in three finishes: chrome, black and white. The panels that All-In-One offer come in a variety of sizes (e.g., 2 feet x 6 feet, 4 feet x 4 feet, etc.) with the individual grid squares measuring 3” x 3”. There are two main ways that grids can be used:

  1. Wall Systems – Grid panels can be easily mounted on your walls using what we call “diamond” brackets. Using four diamond brackets, you can mount a grid panel on the wall in a matter of minutes. Let’s say you have an open wall space measuring 5 feet high by 8 feet long. Using four grid panels measuring 2 feet x 5 feet and 16 diamond brackets, you can create a new showspace for around $150.
  2. Free-Standing Displays – Grids also offer you an economical way to create free-standing display units. Using one grid panel and a set of T-shaped legs, you can create a free-standing display unit for roughly $50. The unit can be stationary or you can add four wheels for $8, allowing you to easily move the unit from one area to another within your store, showroom, or tradeshow booth area. There are also specially designed grid bases – like our triangle base or our 4-way base – that hold several grids together in specific configurations. You can also create your own configurations (like the image above) using grid-to-grid connectors.

Countless Ways to Accessorize – One of the best things about grids is that there are tons of accessory options. You can hang clothes on face-outs, waterfalls or hooks. If you want to hang sideways on a hangbar, you can use a U-shaped hangrail or you can use two hangrod brackets along with a piece of round or rectangular tubing. If you need shelf space, shelf brackets are available in 12” and 14” lengths and can support any type of shelf (e.g,, melamine, plastic, glass, etc). If you want to display hats, there are specific displayers for that purpose too. And best of all, grid systems are super easy to put together. Once your grid panels are in place, you’re good to go. No hammers. No nails. Just place the accessories on your grid panels and, voilá, you’re ready to showcase your merchandise.