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Garment Bags: Non-Woven vs. Vinyl

Non Woven Bag Blog Image 370  x 220For decades and decades, if you needed zippered garment bags there was only one show in town – vinyl garment bags. We should know because we’ve been selling them for roughly 80 years!

There’s a lot to like about vinyl garment bags. Ours are made of 3-gauge vinyl and are quite durable. They come in 3 standard lengths – 36”, 54” and 72” – and are available in a wide variety of colors. Because they’re made of plastic, they’re 100% waterproof. And importantly, the price is right. Vinyl remains the most affordable option for high-quality zippered garment bags.

While vinyl bags remain All-In-One’s most popular bags, they’re no longer the only “show in town.”

All-In-One now offers a wide selection of non-woven zippered garment bags, and they’re steadily growing in popularity. They’re slightly more expensive than vinyl bags. But aside from that fact, there are many advantages to non-woven bags.

These include:

-        Breathability – made of polypropylene fiber, these bags are soft and air permeable. Moisture can sometimes get trapped inside a vinyl bag. The breathability of non-woven bags can extend the life of your garments.

-        Durability – these bags will hold up better than vinyl, which has a tendency to tear over time

-        Water Resistance – just like a vinyl bag, water will bead on a non-woven bag (see picture)

-        Printable – it’s easy and affordable to have your logo printed on a non-woven bag (generally less expensive than printing on vinyl)

-        Environmentally friendly – Unlike plastic bags that take many hundreds of years to break down, non-woven bags are more bio-degradable

If this sounds like a “hard sell” for non-woven bags, it is! We’re big fans. Manufacturers continue to offer more styles and colors. So whether you’re looking for a flat garment bag, a bag with a 4” gusset and handles, or a bridal bag with a 10” or 20” gusset, non-woven bags should be a strong consideration. Check out our website to see the wide variety of non-woven bags we offer.