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Choosing the Right Apparel Steamer


Jiffy Pic 350 x 301If you’re a fashion retailer or wholesaler, a good apparel steamer is a necessity. But what kind of steamer should you buy?

First, you need to understand that not all steamers are the same. There are varying degrees of quality, steam flow, features, etc. You pay good money for a steamer, so you want to get your money’s worth. For that reason, All-In-One only offers the “Cadillac” of steamers, Jiffy brand steamers. Jiffy steamers are built to last, as evidenced by the fact that we hardly ever receive complaints from customers.

If you’re going to purchase a Jiffy steamer, the next thing to decide is whether to buy a J2000 or a J4000 Model.

The vast majority of our customers purchase the J2000, and here are some reasons why:

Time to Heat Up: It only takes about 2 minutes for the J2000 to heat up versus 15 minutes for the J4000.

Steam Flow: The steam flow for both models is very comparable. The J4000 has a slightly bigger heating element, and generates about 15% more steam flow than the J2000.

Ease of Filling Tank: The J2000 has a three-fourths-of-a-gallon detachable tank that can be easily filled up in just about any sink. The J4000 isn’t as user-friendly because the one-gallon tank isn’t detachable. The easiest way to fill up the J4000 is with a water jug. To prevent spillage, the J4000 come with a funnel.

Storage: The J2000 takes up less storage space than the J4000 because the unit is more compact.

Cost: The J2000 costs about $100 less than the J4000.

Given the above, you may be wondering why someone would chose a J4000 over a J2000. The J4000 is actually a great solution when you need a workhorse of a steamer, like in a commercial setting. If you need to steam clothes continuously or on-and-off all day long, the J4000 is your best bet. The J4000 has a standby setting (the J2000 only has “on” and “off” settings). Once you’ve heated up J4000, you can leave the steamer on for the day. If you’re not using it for a while, you can put it in standby/preheat mode. When you’re ready to continue steaming, you switch it to steam mode. In 2 minutes, you can resume steaming.

One final note. All-In-One also offers the Jiffy handheld steamer. At 10 ½” tall, it’s compact and great for business trips. Because the steam only has to travel a short distance, the Jiffy handheld steamer has almost as much steam flow as the J2000. The only downside…the handheld steamer only holds enough water to steam for 15 minutes at a time.

So there you have it. Everything you ever wanted to know about Jiffy steamers. Any questions, please give us a call!