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Customize Your Displayers

Custom Graphic 320 x 254So you like our bracelet tube, but wish it came in a different height or in a finish other than black velvet or white pleather. Or maybe you love our adjustable hook stand, but the chrome finish won’t look good in your store or showroom.

Well, you’re in luck. All-In-One routinely creates custom displayers for its customers. We have relationships with fabricators who can transform an ordinary displayer into a custom piece that meets your precise tastes and specifications.

The burlap jewelry displayer pictured in this article is a good example. Our customer wanted a tube stand made out of a particular type of burlap. With the customer supplying her own burlap, we were able to make the displayers for roughly the same cost as our stock bracelet displayers. If you don’t have your own material, no problem there. The fabricator who makes our jewelry displayers has dozens of fabric options from which to choose.

In the case of our popular adjustable hook stand, our customer loved the stand but needed it in a matte black finish to match the look of her other fixtures. No problem at all. We work with a local craftsman who does great powder-coating and plating, and he made beautiful black matte hook stands. Each unit cost about 2-3 times what the stock version costs, but it was well worth it for our customer.  

The bottom line: if you’re looking for a particular displayer and you can’t find on our website, don’t despair. Chances are that we can source it for you, or make it to your precise specifications. All you need to do is ask J.